Tuesday, 30 October 2012

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I'm an urban sketcher

background painter

here are two  backgrounds where i had to produce day and night scene from a line art layouy, i think the day scene came out quite nicely but the night scene was really tricky and i didnt get the outcome i wanted. however i did learn a lot from this project and i believe i can apply these skills onto future projects.

<====== day scene

                                                        night scene

Quick sketch

Quick sketch of a lighter  to start my new moleskine sketchbook

female life drawing

a 20 min session at my local life drawing class i feel my drawings are getting much better and i cant wait to see how much i will improve

more location drawing

on a trip to london for the frankenweenie exhibition i decided that id take this oppertunity to draw some of the sites.

location drawing

many years ago i was a student at the glamorgan centre for art and design technology before it became coleg morgannwg i decided to visit my old campus and draw a quick sketch of the building with water colours.  and fine liners. i think this was a half hour sketch, but i wasnt really timing it

drawing a rugby player

cardiff blues and welsh under 20's star ellis jenkins agreed to model at one of our life drawing sessions. the aim of this session was to draw muscle mass.

15 min sketches

life drawing sessions from my local life drawing class. these were 15 min sketches

Monday, 22 October 2012

1st year showreeel

animation showreel from my first year. with some entertaining music
song: crystal ann
artist: annihilator

charactet exploration

character exploration project, this was an oppertuninty for me to animate and record dialoque for my own character. this was a project that pushed every one of my abilities within animation, i dont believe the outcome is a succsesul as it should be but I do believe my skills as an animator have clearly developed


on this project i had to animate a bird in lift, flight and land, then a dog at rest then walking . the bird i am really impressed with but the dog i struggled witth

timing and mechanics

I should have posted this before the life drawing as this project was previous. this was to show stop and start positions with animation

life drawing assesment

here are some of the life drawings I had to produce for a life drawing assesment.

figurative project

I was given a brief where i had to capture a push or pull lift or throw  and a walk. I went with a pull and a lift. this was an incredible test for me and i believe i struggled a lot. but I also feel  what I learned was invaluable

sound sync project

here i had to work with two other people to sync sound with music my section is the first 10 seconds

character design

this was a character design project i came up with the idea of a young boy who wants to be a rock guitarist. for this project i had to produce expressions, poses, turnarounds and a in-situation picture

Bouncing ball

for my first project at uni. i had to animate a ball bouncing down a set of stairs this was for me to understand basics of animation

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