Wednesday, 30 January 2013

life drawing at garth olwyg

cool greay markers

male model

lights out chalk pastel

lights out  warm greys
lights out warm greys

warm up drawings

life drawing from garth olwg. today was a ligts out session so we were drawing in the dark with lamps illuminating the model. great for shadows.
the male model is from last week that i didnt upload

Monday, 28 January 2013

cowboy saloon

so heres the interior of the saloon i sketched up i created the layout using google sketch up. then i edited over it with Photoshop. I added some textures aswell to break it up even more. this will be the stage where the cowboy kicks the other cowboy out of the bar

cowboy saloon background

for my current project im working on a cowboy fight  im drawing up some layouts for backgrounds this is what i have at current . this will be a brief moment where the bad cowboy is kicked flying out of the saloon

Saturday, 19 January 2013

kaine sketch dump

I felt i needed to work on my comic book faces so i thought id look at my new faveourite character. Kaine Parker from the scarlet spider series.

Friday, 18 January 2013

holiday in sketch

news years day me and my fiancee went to cardiff airport to draw planes unfortunatly they were all in
the sky at the time so we drove to a near hotel and drew that instead. i also decided to give it a look into
 photoshop and clean my lines up. still could use work
 i may consider colouring it but for now im happy with it

Sunday, 13 January 2013

castle doodles

caerphilly castle

castle coch

a nice day out to castle coch and caerphily castle just to draw the exteriors, lovely drawins produced, quite happy with this

water colours and arcades

water colour night scene
 i was driving home from uni one nigh the sky was lush and dark blue, the mountains were silhouetted i just knew i had to draw it so i parked the car and sketches this then filled it with black ink and water colours
arcade in Cardiff
as part of the visual studies module we were told to sketch the arcades surrounding Cardiff so i decided to draw this view from the inside of a coffee shop. 
and then i decided to sketch this from outside the coffee shop looking up the arcade

Saturday, 12 January 2013

character performance

this is my character performance project for 2nd year. its quite upsetting because this started off synced then something messed up i couldnt figure out what, tried to redeem it in premier. realized i couldnt, panicked and submitted it just to get it in there, either way i like this piece shame it messes up half way but i believe i learned more from my mistakes than my sucsesful projects

starbucks sketching

view from starbucks

faces at starbucks

faces at starbucks  continued

cardiff castle

11-1-13 was a very productive day for me with all these lovely drawings from starbucks, and cardiff castle

delivery drawing

on the weekends i work a delivery driver for a local indian takeaway. some times it can go really dead and i have nothing to do, so i grab my sketchbook and draw what i can see. sometimes i get some really nice drawings done, i  saw this car oppisite me so i sketched it whilst waiting for the next order
this is another sketch i did whilst waiting for oders. itt was a hard one to draw as i was sitting in my car andmy windscreen was miting up it was a cold wet night but im glad i drew this . gave me a page filler

cardiff cafe sketches

very quick scribble of a cafe in cardiff, just to warm me up really, also i had a lovley coffe
i then decided to do a coloured sketch of the people on the right of me, i felt like mixing this up with red coloured pencil and grey tone markers. suprisingly it came out quite well i like this image a lot

white on black paper

white pen and pencil on white paper

water coloured pencils on black paper
This was from the most recent session at lfe drawing. i decided to experiment with coloured paper.  i though black and white would be nice. and then i experimented further with coloured water colour pencils. to give it a more abstract yet form considerd drawing. im really proud of both of these drawings

inspired by michael cho

for Christmas my brother bought me a book by the artist Micheal cho. the book is tittles back alleys and urban sketches. i can honestly say i love the book the artists style is so great he use uses 1 colour and black ink  most of his work. i get the impression he lays down a basic shape with the colour then adds all the detail in ink brush. i felt heavily inspired by his style i wanted to incorporate it into my work, even though i used more than 1 colour, i  set about it in the same way. i layed down the basic shapes dfirst and filled them. then i applied black ink to add detail. this is deffinately i style id use in the future

life drawing at garth olwg

 these are from a life drawing session about a month ago. i have no reason why they went uploaded straight away but here they are. the bottom left one is my favourite. i wanted to break away from pencil or ink so i used coloured pencils in the complimentary range. the green and red made this observational study more interesting to look at. ill use more complementary in the future

WHATCH OUT BLOG FOLLOWERS. your about to be bombarded with loads of drawings

Saturday, 5 January 2013

scarlet spider kaine v spiderman ock

after the events of the amazing spiderman #700 i cant help but think how is kaine gonna deal with learning of peter parkers demise and the body swap.  i figure he should reign superior. i drew this up to show  my vision of events id like to see

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