Monday, 25 March 2013

comic pages from college fmp

This is a golden oldie this was my final major project from back in collage. i decided to do a comic book story based loosley on real events the real situation was the north hollywood shoot out lasting 44 minutes. i took the scenario but changed everything else into an original story with a team of characters i designg and created the characters were intended to be complete cliches of  characters from 80's action heroes. i believe at the end of the comic the story looses narative as i rushed drawing the ending. leaving parts on the cutting room floor. alhtough my drawing ablitily has improved i am very proud of my efforts on this strip
front cover
page 001

page 002

page 003

page 004

page 005

page 006

page 007

black cat and spiderman inks/colours

I had an idea in my head to draw a dynamic image featuring black cat and Spiderman, i wanted to add a nice simple background as well just to give the image some staging. after penciling, I inked then took it into Photoshop to colour.
bottom left show  the inks. bottom right is the colored image I may take this back into Photoshop to tweak                but as it stands Im really happy with the image as a whole

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

life drawing painting

life drawing at garth olwg today was a long pose so i had the chance to bring out some paints, something i have not done since college. but im quite happy with the outcome  had real blast.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

pose tease for animation

dynamic pose
heres a quick tease from on of the scenes im working on for my animation. im really happy with this dynamic pose. and i cannot wait to have the animation to show off to you guys

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

life draiwng at garth olwg - drawing the nude and a cello

todays life drawing was very interested the model had a prob with her. the prop was a cello, i find in really interesting when models use props because then you have to make it believable. people have to be able to tell what the prop is and how the model is interacting with it. it also gives you a challenge to draw the prop aswell. you have to concentrate harder in a short time and for me that is how you lean/improve
30mins with markers
this was originaly a 30min pose but the model had  a cramp in her legs and she changes the pose 

this is my absolute favourite pose of the evening i feel my skills came through here in this 30min pose

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