Thursday, 9 May 2013

life drawing sketchbook

life drawing sketchbook from Scott Davies on Vimeo.

cafe sketch

coffe no. 1
a drawing i did today from costa no.1 im really happy with this doodle i originaly drew it in non photo blue lead then went over it with faber castell pitt pens, and hey non photo blue works 

life drawing male model,

i do believe i am getting better at life drawing and my drawings are actually starting to look good now :D

sketches from the last month or so

cardiff bay

brothers motorbike

cardiff sketching

cardiff sketching some more

cardiff sketching again

cardiff and dogs

cardiff views from the castle

nice drawing of amy and some people

cardiff castle

my bike

life drawing mega upload

i havnt uploaded in a while due to a medical condition called cantbearsedtouploadanythingatosis but i figured id do a mass upload, ill upload all the life drawing ive done recently here and then the visual studies stuff ive done latley
sunglasses added to break it up a bit


deffinate current favourite image ive produced

painting not to bad 

the model had a prob cat teddy

one of my faves proporionatly

dont reall like this one but eh its a learning curve

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