Thursday, 27 February 2014

project flinlock is talking a break atm

howdie at the moment im taking a break from the project flintlock stuff and im working on a sample script for dark horse the script is from the comic series ghost. about a female that was murderd and comes back to take revenge. its a great series but anywho. i would like to show a WIP of page 1 that ive been working on so many things need to be tweaked but its a WIP

Sunday, 23 February 2014

pages 3-5 inks

here are the inks for pages 3-5 next stop will be the colours, I wont post the flats ill just go straight in with shadows and speech balloons.  but im gonna take a break from this for a bit over the next few weeks im going to focus on the sample scripts ill be sending off to the editors. hope you enjoy

page 03
page 04
page 05

Saturday, 22 February 2014

pag 3,4 and 5 pencils so far

well ive picked up the pace a little and decided t show you the work in progress so far of page 3-5  this is just the pencils but i did darken the levels in photoshop to make it easier on the eyes
page 3

page 4

page 5

life drawing

i havnt posted my life drawings in a while, but that doesnt mean i dont still do it,  most of my life drawings can be viewed on my instagram. theres a button for that at the top of  the page. these are from recent sessions

i havnt posted my life drawings in a while, but that doesnt mean i dont still do it,  most of my life drawings can be viewed on my instagram. theres a button for that at the top of  the page. these are from a few random recent sessions. hope you enjoy

Thursday, 20 February 2014

page 2 inks.

here are the inks for page 2, scanned in uber high qaulity so you amazing viewers can see the detail.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

page 2 pencils

here are the pencils for page 2,  had to adjust the levels to make it darker my penils were far to light to pick up. hope you enjoy

Saturday, 15 February 2014

page 1 inks

here are the inks for page on of my new story.  i am very happy with how this turned out

Saturday, 8 February 2014

coloured in situ.

to colour this crazy image up i used my warm and cool grey copic markers, then i adjusted them in Photoshop to bring out the skin colour and other colours. i then added a a smoke effect into Photoshop.  and then i reduced the opacity and fill to 80% -30%

Thursday, 6 February 2014

google sketchup designs

to help me visualise the world and to tick the boxes for my course i used google sketch up. its a great tool and has many benefits but im old school and feel every artist should learn the basics of perspective and vanishing points before relying on softwar to do it for me,  so here are my designs

long view of city setting

close up of city

high view of city
base view where flintlock will be kep

inked in situ drawing

                                  this is the inks for the in situe image to promote my story

new project mass post

wooooo hooooooo people its new post time and im doing plenty of doodles for a new project, , i apologize in advance because thsi is going to be a mass post. i like to scan everything in one go then share it. i like to give you something to look at rather than just seeing a post a week. keeping you in suspense is unfair haha.
face ideas for my hero character i wanted it to be very similar to superman that powerfull build and sqaure jaw. im inspired by jim lee's take on the character
turn around for the hero character. i have done the turnaround this way because looking through my supergirl comics, the artist Mahmud Asrar does very quick sketches to show the turn around model for the character. 

quck pose sketch of the character using his strenght
digi drawing concept to show the characters strenght, this was done straight into photoshop
marker sketch of the character flying 
did a quick concept pose digitaly to deliver how the character will look

expressions for the creature
creature turn around

creature pose
creature poses and  idea sketch for the in situation image

further pose ideas for in situ

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