Thursday, 6 February 2014

new project mass post

wooooo hooooooo people its new post time and im doing plenty of doodles for a new project, , i apologize in advance because thsi is going to be a mass post. i like to scan everything in one go then share it. i like to give you something to look at rather than just seeing a post a week. keeping you in suspense is unfair haha.
face ideas for my hero character i wanted it to be very similar to superman that powerfull build and sqaure jaw. im inspired by jim lee's take on the character
turn around for the hero character. i have done the turnaround this way because looking through my supergirl comics, the artist Mahmud Asrar does very quick sketches to show the turn around model for the character. 

quck pose sketch of the character using his strenght
digi drawing concept to show the characters strenght, this was done straight into photoshop
marker sketch of the character flying 
did a quick concept pose digitaly to deliver how the character will look

expressions for the creature
creature turn around

creature pose
creature poses and  idea sketch for the in situation image

further pose ideas for in situ

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