Thursday, 28 February 2013

fight animation test,

well hello my trusty followers, as a treat for you i have put together a short test of my fight scene that will take place in my animation. the red figure is the villain, the green is the hero. just so you can identify as        theyres no recognizable detail to them at the mo

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

life drawig 27/02/13 garth olwg

these were warrm ups the brown ones are 5mins the pencil was 10mins
drawings from todays life drawing class at garth olwg. jane was the model for this session

30mins with carbon pencil
30mins straight in with pen

Thursday, 21 February 2013

end of first year glammies sting

this was done for a sting at the end of the first year in uni, i didnt upload it before because i thought it could have been better but looking at it now i love it, it was a collaberative effort with me and 4 others. it was based around the olympics and 2012 as a year and the avengers came out that year

minor project

im posting this up now because im disapointed in the lack of animation on my blog about my animations,  i dont post to much of my stuff because im quite embarresed by it and its not up to the standards the course expects. this piece was for  a project where we had to design and  animate a character  to a  piece of dialoque. it started of good but then due to an error in filming and trying to redeem it by chopping it up in premier it went downhill fast. but here ya go better later than never

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

life drawing at garth olwg 20/02/13

life drawing from today sessions, was a nice range of poses today and the male model had a pair of crutches to use as a prop, it was quite difficult to get the weight distribution. but its all learning
warm up sketches with the crutches as prop
longer seated poses

Monday, 18 February 2013

aliens colonial-marine personal comic strip

after playing aliens colonial marines i remembers that aliens is my favorite movie of all time. i felt inspired to draw a comic sequence of my own story . i believe the story is to hectic for a one page spread but it was a learning curve for me and it helped me push my artistic ability further. i believe my art drives the story on this strip
the strip was drawn using a blue prisma color pencil on Starthmore Bristol 300 series. then inked using pentel pocket brush pens and Sakura pigma fineliners 0.2mm thickness

Sunday, 17 February 2013

settings for my fight

these are the backgrounds ill be using for my animation originaly i wanted them to be digital but i felt that the water colour look would give it that cowboy western feel and would add an unnatural grain that i couldnt achieve digitally. i hope you enjoy these and i hope they turn out as imagines in the animation.
establishing shot to show where the animation is set

exterior shot of the saloon where the  bad cowboy gets kicked outside

this is where the  good cowboy will kick the bad cowboy

this is where the good cowboy will have his drinking session interupted

the good cowboy will sprint towards the gun here

this is were our charactes dive for the gun/cover

this will be a quick panick pan where the hero quickly looks for a weapon and uses the rock

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

pre production for final major project.

or my final major project animation i will be working with a character interaction that features two cowboys fighting. i have tried to create as much of this world as possible


research cowboys

research weapons

villain face development

hero face development

characters side by side

hero turnaround

villain turnaround

hero/villain construction

facial expresions hero/villain

villain poses

more poses

further fight poses

thumbnail 1

thumbnail storyboard 2

thumbnail storyboard 3

thumbnail storyboard 4

thumbnail storyboards 5

thumbnail storyboard 6

weapons drawings

background sketch

background photoshopped

size comparrison
im looking forward to animating this project i feel it will challenge my and force me to improve my animation ability

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